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What Our Privacy Policy Covers
This policy covers how we treat personal information that we collect and receive, including information related to previous visits to, which are used to improve performance of this website. Personal information is information about you that is personally identifiable like your name, address, email address, and phone number, that is not otherwise publicly available. Personal information, might also include browsing patterns, number of visits and items viewed. All information that is collected by TruBendz Technology Inc is confidential. No information will be distributed to any company or individual for any reason.

Terms and Conditions
All prices are subject to change without prior notice. We reserve the right to correct typographical and printing errors. We reserve the right to correct prices or calculation errors.

Exhaust System Warranty
Our tubing follows a 1 year warranty on aluminized steel and lifetime warranty on stainless steel. Mesh flex sections follow a 1 year from purchase date, regardless of aluminized or stainless products they are attached. Flex sections are designed to move and do wear with age. Brand mufflers and converters follow manufacture warranty periods from purchase date, in most cases this is lifetime or 100,000 miles. Hardware and welds are solid steel and follow a 1 year warranty. Warranties are processed by removing the part then sending back to us for inspection, repair or replacement (remedy by us). Shipping the item to us is at the owners expense, including all other expenses involved in removing and packaging the part. We will pay to ship the repair/replacement item back to you. All warranties need authorization through email/phone prior to warranty process.

Environmental/Legal Use Disclaimer
TruBendz Technology has designed some parts for dual purpose installation which can be installed on race vehicles (i.e. off-road or competition use only) or street legal cars and does not support illegal use of our products which can violate environmental laws by using them incorrectly on public highways. All of our products sold with “High Flow” catalytic converters are 48 State Legal for use on all roads (except California and New York). We clearly list which products are designed for off-road and competition use in our descriptions. It is always up to the vehicle owner to be aware of National, State and Local laws/ordinances when they choose to modify any part of their vehicle and how they choose to use our products. This also includes being aware of local noise laws/ordinances that may exist in the area. We always intend for our products to be used correctly by the installer/owner whether street legal use on public roads/highways or as hobbies and competition use in controlled/regulated environments (i.e. off-road or competition use). 

Installation/Use Disclaimer
TruBendz Technology assumes no legal responsibilities and/or liabilities, whether to your vehicle, engine/motor, person(s) and/or property(s) that result from the use of, or servicing of a motor vehicle of which our product has been installed, or is in the process of being installed and also applies to any other vehicle(s), person(s), property(s), regardless of whether or not our product has any involvement directly or indirectly. The installer and/or user attempting to install and/or use our product, assume all risks of injury, legal responsibilities and/or liabilities weather to person(s), property(s), yourself and/or others. This disclaimer is acknowledged by person(s), user(s), and/or driver whom install, drive and/or use our product, whether or not product is purchased, given, and/or any other means of obtaining our product.